Offering Multiple Precision Grinding Services in New Haven, MI

Centerless End-Feed GrindingSturdy Grinding's commitment to delivering unparalleled accuracy extends to our specialized grinding processes, including bar stock grinding and I.D. honing. With bar stock grinding, we leverage advanced techniques to shape and refine materials precisely, ensuring optimal dimensions and surface finishes. This process is ideal for creating cylindrical components with exceptional precision.

In addition to bar stock grinding, our I.D. honing services further increase our precision capabilities. I.D. honing involves the removal of material from the inner diameter of components, resulting in superior surface finishes and tight tolerances. This thorough process is crucial for improving the functionality and reliability of various parts, making it a cornerstone of our precision grinding services.

At Sturdy Grinding, we recognize that the success of your projects hinges on precision. Our cutting-edge bar stock grinding and I.D. honing processes reflect our dedication to delivering top-notch results. Trust us to transform your components with careful attention to detail, ensuring efficiency and excellence in every aspect.


Precision Bar Stock Grinding Services

End-feed grinding in progressSturdy Grinding & Machining brings over 30 years of expertise to the precision grinding of long and short-bar stock and tubing, offering defect-free results. Our specialized bar grinding capabilities accommodate bars and tubes up to 11” in diameter and 40’ in length across various modern manufacturing metals.

Utilizing a process similar to through-feed grinding, our skilled operators employ centerless grinding, with bars passing through the machine as they rest on a fixed blade and are spun by a regulating wheel. Rollers on both ends support long bars during the grinding process. With a focus on quality and precision, our seasoned team and cutting-edge machinery deliver top-notch results regularly. Call (586) 519-6053 to discuss your bar grinding needs.


Elite I.D. Honing Services

Internal diameter honing, or ID honing, is a precision machining method designed to enhance the surface polish and accuracy of the inside diameter of cylindrical metal objects. This process involves utilizing a cylinder equipped with abrasive honing stones, with the workpiece securely chucked in a fixed position. As the cylinder rotates and moves horizontally within the tube's inner diameter, small amounts of material are removed, resulting in a smooth, polished finish and increased dimensional precision.

This single-pass honing process is crucial for automotive, oil exploration, and aerospace industries, ensuring that hydraulic cylinders and other components meet stringent geometric tolerances. Sturdy Grinding's machinery is well-suited for high-volume production applications, consistently delivering the desired finish pattern and meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

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Our extensive portfolio showcases a diverse range of past successful grinding jobs. You'll see the precision and quality we bring to every project, from bar stock grinding to I.D. honing and more. Our portfolio reflects our expertise and dedication to various materials, ensuring optimal dimensions and surface finishes.

Our portfolio demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-notch results across industries, whether precision sharpening or cost-effective solutions. Get a firsthand look at the transformative outcomes achieved by Sturdy Grinding—your trusted partner in precision grinding. Explore our portfolio today, and then contact us to discuss how we can solve your grinding needs with excellence and precision.

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Centerless End Feed/Plunge Grinding Component Contact Sturdy Grinding today for precision grinding needs, including bar stock grinding and I.D. honing. Our specialized processes are designed to shape and refine materials with optimal dimensions and surface finishes, ensuring exceptional precision for cylindrical components, including platinum group metals (PGM). Our expertise extends to precision sharpening, ensuring the utmost accuracy for various applications.

At Sturdy Grinding, we understand that project success relies on precision. Our use of cutting-edge processes reflects our dedication to cost-effectively delivering quality results. Trust us to transform your components with careful attention to detail, ensuring efficiency and excellence. Reach out to us today for your precision grinding requirements.