Train in a Skilled Trade From Michigan’s Leading Machine Shop

Employee polishing piece of metalDo you like working with your hands? Appreciate details and take pride in your work? A career in Precision Grinding might be right for you! Grinding is a process of cutting and shaping metal that has been in practice since ancient times.  At its core, grinding is simply using the grains of an abrasive wheel to remove excess material from steel.  This process is equal parts art and science.

Modern machinery, gaging and tooling have made this process more accurate and productive.  However, without a truly skilled workforce, any grinding company is going to be limited in what they can accomplish.  That is what sets Sturdy Grinding & Machining apart.  

Why Choose Sturdy Grinding & Machining?

Employee working machineryWe have both the equipment, and the skilled operators to do work that many competitors just can’t handle.

Raymond Blake, the company president has been in the grinding business over 40 years.  Many of the operators on our floor have been grinding for decades, giving Sturdy Grinding a distinct advantage over many other companies.


Excellent Career Opportunities

Sturdy Grinding is always looking to add valuable, long term members to our team.  We offer training, competitive wages, tuition reimbursement and health insurance benefits.  If you feel you would like a career in this field, please contact us.