CNC OD Grinding Services in New Haven, MI

Precision CNC OD Grinding Services in Michigan

CNC OD GrindingSturdy Grinding routinely performs multi-diameter work with tight geometric requirements. We are capable of holding cylindricity, concentricity, run out, size, length, grind lead, and surface finish requirements. We measure these requirements with accuracy ranging in millionths of an inch. If needed, we have data collection capabilities that allow for instant data download to statistical process control software.

Our Process

CNC OD Grinding Machine at WorkOD grinding is a type of grinding in which the part is suspended by centers. A driver spins the part and a grinding wheel comes forward to machine the work piece. A large portion of today’s automotive drive and shafting components are ground this way. Sturdy Grinding has some of the leading CNC OD grinders and inspection equipment to fill both high and low volume OD grinding orders.  

Our Capabilities

We produce tighter tolerances and mirror-like micro surface finishes on parts such as:

  • Axle Shafts
  • Transmission shafts
  • Drive Train Components
  • Armature Shafts
  • Flanges
  • Generator Rotor Shafts
  • Output Shafts

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Need a special part?

CNC OD Grinding Piece of MetalIn addition to our skilled operators, the management team at Sturdy Grinding has a great deal of experience quoting and process planning CNC OD grinding work. Contact Sturdy Grinding early in your process planning. We can put our experience to use by helping you plan the most cost effective process for your project.