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Precision grinding services in Michigan

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Sturdy Grinding has paved the way in providing our customers with high quality, increased productivity, and customer service that is unmatched in our industry. Since our humble beginning in 1988, we have expanded from the small centerless grinding shop to our facility we have now. This expansion has increased our capabilities, production, and quality.

Today's manufacturing environment is fast paced and competitive. One of the ways Sturdy Grinding adds value is through our customer service. Lead time is always important in our business and we go the extra mile to get your parts done when you need them. Our sales people provide quotes and return calls quickly. We also provide statistical analysis, paperwork and invoices in a time manner. Over the past five years, our customers have given us an average 4.6 out of 5 rating on our delivery.

Precision Grinding

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End-feed grinding is a type of centerless grinding in which the part does not pass through the machine. In end-feed grinding, the work piece rests between a fixed blade and a regulating wheel. As the regulating wheel spins the part, the grinding wheel comes in from the opposite side and grinds the steel. End-feed grinding is ideal for smaller parts with heads or multiple diameters that can't pass through a grinding machine.

Our skilled operators have a great deal of experience grinding multiple diameters, grinding shoulders, and grinding radii. We deliver top quality products with tight tolerances of up to .0002".

Using ASI Datamyte quality control software and SPC methods, we can easily monitor the quality of our centerless grinding services including:

  • Hex Bolts
  • Armature Shafts
  • Pistons
  • Planetary Gear
  • Pump Shafts
  • Ejector Pins
  • Idler Arm Ends

Steel Bar Grinding

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Sturdy Grinding & Machining offers a great deal of defect-free bar grinding experience. We can grind bars and tubes as large as 11" in diameter and as long as 40' in virtually all metals used in modern manufacturing. In addition, we can supply heat treated rolls and shafting.

Similar, to through-feed grinding, bar grinding is a type of centerless grinding in which the bar passes through the machine. The bar rests on a fixed blade and is spun by a regulating wheel. As that occurs, an abrasive wheel grinds the work piece. Long bars ground in this fashion are supported by rollers on both ends of the machine.

Steel Bar Grinding Capabilities

Sturdy Grinding is able to provide outstanding quality and value on through-feed grinding operations thanks to our wide wheel machines, automated feed bowls, and experienced operators. We excel at grinding tight tolerance steel and stainless steel shafting and can provide you with the very best in quality, service, and value.

  • Thompson Shafting
  • Dowell Pins
  • Machine Gun Tripods
  • Bearing Pins
  • Air Craft Shafts
  • Microscope Shafts

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We Meet Strict Deadlines Everyday.

You need a reliable supplier to keep your production moving on time and on budget; Sturdy Grinding has a solid reputation for delivering the best in precision ground parts- even on a tight deadline.

See what our customers have to see about our custom bar grinding:

"As a family-owned company, we know how important it is to be fair, yet competitive. We have worked together with Sturdy Grinding for many years and in that time, their work has always been high quality, fairly priced and delivered on time. We look forward to a continued relationship with Sturdy Grinding."

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